Pray Without Ceasing

Pray Without Ceasing

"Undoubtedly, continual prayer is a gift from God, but he will not refuse this gift to someone who responds generously to his grace." A new article on...

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“I really wish we Christians knew how to serve”

When I speak to you of good example, I mean to tell you, too, that you have to understand and excuse, that you have to fill the world with peace and love. (The Forge, 560)

I really wish we Christians knew how to serve, for only by serving can we know and love Christ and make him known and loved.

How will we show him to souls? By our example. Through our voluntary service of Jesus Christ, we should be witnesses to him in all our activities, for he is the Lord of our entire lives, the only and ultimate reason for our existence. Then, once we have given this witness of service, we will be able to give instruction by our word. That was how Christ acted. “He...

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